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Learn Real World Skills

channelAustin Scholarship Guidelines

channelAustin has established new Scholarship Guidelines. We will ask every Producer who signs up for an ID to donate towards this scholarship program. And we will make available one (1) scholarship slot in every training class offered each week, with the exception of Final Cut Pro and Avid editing. For details see: Scholarship Guidelines (PDF).

Course Descriptions

  • Make your own television programs and learn real world skills
  • Become a producer and enroll in channelAustin's training program
  • channelAustin offers digital camera, video editing, and TV studio courses, as well as a range of workshops
  • Certified producers are eligible to use channelAustin's television production equipment, studios, and resources
  • See our Course Descriptions

Training Schedule

  • More than 20 courses and workshops a month
  • Day and evening classes
  • See Training Schedule

Learn How to Light

When watching television, it's human nature to look at the eyes and the face. If these aren't lit well, it turns everything else off.
channelAustin has produced a short online video that demonstrates good lighting techniques.
Watch Lighting Video