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PACT: Public Access Community Television

PACT's Sponsorship and Commercialism Guidelines

An individual, organization, or business can sponsor PACT programming. However, sponsors need to adhere to PACT's non-commercial sponsorship guidelines. Channels 10, 11, and 16 are non-commercial public access television stations.

Time Warner Austin has a franchise agreement with the City of Austin. In that agreement are Local Underwriting Guidelines that are the basis for our sponsorship and commercialism guidelines. PACT Producers must comply with these guidelines.


Two simple policies must be followed:

  1. No commercials.
  2. No promotion or selling a commercial service, facility, or product.

PACT is not a venue for selling, promoting, or commercializing anything. Straying from these policies is a violation and can result in the loss of privileges.


Producers are encouraged to seek funding for the production of public access television programs to help defray costs. Individual, business, or organization sponsors may be credited following these guidelines:

  • Credit may be placed at the beginning, logical mid-break, and/or end of the program, with a maximum of two credit sequences per half-hour.
  • Total credit time per half-hour for all sponsors may not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Producers are encouraged to use the following audio and/or visual credit format: "The following (or preceding) community program was made possible in part by a grant from (name, address, or information as described in the PACT Sponsorship/ Credits Guidelines.)" (NO telephone numbers)

Program credits have the following limitations:

  • Public Access Community Television (PACT), the City of Austin, or cable providers may not be listed as sponsors without their consent, nor may their telephone numbers, addresses, or a contact person. You may recognize in appreciation any of the above in the credit listing.
  • Producers may not list unauthorized private telephone numbers or addresses without consent of the individual.