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channelAustin Underwriting guidelines

The purpose of the underwriting guidelines is to promote or to clearly identify the underwriter, not to promote or sell its product or services.


The following video effects ARE permissible:

  • Standard or existing corporate logotypes, logograms or slogans, both still or animated, which identify but do not promote.
  • One corporate mascot (such as the Exxon tiger) or other symbolic figure developed as a corporate (rather than product) symbol, accompanied by the company's name.
  • One specific product line or brand name, after the funder's name/logo. Symbolic depiction of up to three generic product lines, services or target markets, in addition to the one specific product. Total product depiction must be limited to no more than 50% of the entire credit.
  • Business exteriors, particularly when they are best representation of a funder's product/services (such as a bank or hospital).
  • Location information: street address or general reference to area served. Phone numbers are not permitted at any time.

The following practices tend to convey a more "commercial" impression and may NOT be used:

  • Products in use or operation for the purpose of demonstrating their performance characteristics.
  • Packaged goods (such as food products) shown outside the container or package, or in a prepared state.
  • Depiction of tobacco products, distilled spirits, or firearms.
  • Official spokesperson, company officials, directors or actors posing as "generic" employees.


The following audio techniques ARE acceptable:

  • Brief value: neutral descriptions of product, service or target markets.
  • Location information: street address or general reference to area served. Again, phone numbers are not permitted.
  • Music and sound effects are permitted. However, lyrics sung to music may not be used.

The following audio techniques are NOT allowed:

  • Comparative Claims: Donor acknowledgments that contain descriptive language comparing underwriter's products or services with those of competitors are not permitted. Avoid words such as: Best, Better, More, Superior. Examples of acknowledgments NOT allowed that contain comparative terms are "Serving more cities than any other airlines", "With more assets than any other bank in town", and "Featuring the best products in town".
  • Qualitative Claims: Donor acknowledgments that contain qualitative descriptions of the underwriter's product or service are not permitted. Qualitative descriptions include words that describe the features, benefits, advantages or other qualities offered by underwriter's product or service. Avoid words such as Fine, Excellent, Tasty, or Leading. Examples of acknowledgments NOT allowed that contain these qualitative claims are "A leading supplier of automobiles" and "With 20 convenient locations".
  • Solicitations: Announcements that contain a "Call to Action" are not permitted. Most "Calls to Action" contain imperative language. A statement addressed directly the viewer that tells the viewer to take action. Examples of acknowledgments NOT allowed that contain "Call to Action" statements are "Ask about our IRA" or "Call us at 555-0000".
  • Pricing Information: Announcements containing price information are not permitted. This includes interest rate information or other indications of savings or value associated with the product or service. Examples of pricing information NOT allowed are "Office products at discount prices", "Making computer power affordable at every desk", or "8.0% interest rate now available".
  • Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease: Announcements containing any inducements to buy, sell, rent, or lease are not permitted. Examples of inducements that are NOT permitted are "Six months of free service", "Special gift for first fifty customers", or "Now offering free checking".


All underwriting credits will be 10 seconds in length unless underwriter is an exclusive underwriter.