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PACT: Public Access Community Television


(512) 478-8600


(512) 478-9438


1143 Northwestern Avenue (on the EAST Side)
Austin, Texas 78702-2812


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Note: Reservations cannot be made through email.
Please call Producer Services at 478-8600, Ext 10.

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PACT Directory

Departmental Listings
Department Extension Email
Executive Director 18 email
General Manager 19 email
Administration 24 email
Equipment 25 email
Communications 13 email
Producer Services 10 email
Programming 15 email
Training 22 email
Staff Listings
Name Title Extension Email
Brian Blake IT Director 21 email
Josh Bustamante Equipment Specialist 25 email
Steve Durchin Traffic Manager 14 email
David Fitzpatrick Security 10 email
David Griffin Equipment Director 25 email
Susan Harper Administration Specialist 24 email
Aaron Jaques Programming Director 14 email
Linda Litowsky Executive Director 18 email
Orlando Lopez Trainer 25 email
Maria Saenz Producer Services Director 10 email
Susan Saenz Producer Services 10 email
Karla Saldana Training Director 22 email
Sol Waters Equipment Specialist 25 email
Garry Wilkison General Manager 19 email
Ross Wilsey Equipment Specialist 25 email
Stefan Wray Communications Director 13 email
PACT Board of Directors none email